Study API


Study API allows to create custom graphical tools that can be placed on charts. Number of study points is unlimited and can be specified in plug-in or user when placing such study can select how many study points it will have.

Study points are points in the three-dimensional space (time x price x volume). User when place such study on a chart, by moving mouse cursor and clicking selects next study point. Date of such study point is limited to selected data periodicity and interval. Price level of such study point is unlimited. Volume is taken from data record corresponding to the date of study point. As charts also shows the non-transactional time, in case user set a study point on the date for which there is no record, study point’s volume is set to 0.

When creating configurable type of plug-in it is possible to use default settings common for all plug-ins of this type, such as:

  • main color,
  • extension color,
  • font,
  • main line stroke,
  • extension line stroke,
  • visibility of upper, downer, left and right extension,
  • retracement levels.