• standardized plug-ins’ configuration module with multilevel settings and ability to override them:

  • unlimited ‘undo’ when placing or moving graphical tools on charts,
  • quick data conversion to any time interval:

  • chart’s preview when move mouse cursor under chart’s bookmark:

  • ability to save chart image with any size to image file:

Saved chart image:

  • logarythmic zoom slider:

  • unlimited data records visibility on charts,
  • three-dimensional charts (time x price x volume):

  • time axis without the ability to remove non-transactional time,

Do not be surprised if the intraday chart will look like this:

Such intraday chart may seem difficult to read, but I found that the accuracy counts here. Displaying data without the non-transactional time would be tantamount to removing gaps between successive candles. Without the non-transactional time there is no effective and accurate time analysis of stock quotes.